Pope asks for huge grant to skin hospital in Rome, gets it, plus flak

This sharp comment by auditors gives a flavor of said flak:

The Board of The Papal Foundation recently approved an unprecedented grant of $25 million to a dermatology hospital in Rome. The following summary will explain why both the process by which the grant was given along with the grant itself are disturbing,

In my opinion as Chairman of the Audit Committee, these recent actions will make it virtually impossible to recruit new Stewards [big-bucks donors], or to retain the membership of many current Stewards.

In many respects, the decision to grant $25 million to a dermatology hospital in Rome without proper due diligence is a disaster for the Papal Foundation. Not only is the decision process flawed, but the recipient has a dubious past.[Italics added]

Money for the poor. Why did Francis authorize this huge gift, unprecedented and highly suspect?

For brutal analysis of this business, see Life Site News, for whom a huge hat tip.

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