Reforming the curia under Pope Francis . . .

. . . not what his supporters in the conclave had in mind. For instance:

Like young Lochinvar coming out of the West, Cardinal George Pell came out of (up from) Australia as new sheriff in charge of cleaning out the financial deep state that is, not used to be, the Vatican. Too bad for him — even before he got called home to face sexual-abuse charges. (Sigh)

The opposition to Cardinal Pell [in Rome] has been headed by four cardinals who are interested not merely in stalling the financial reform but returning the Vatican structures to the position before Pell appeared on the scene.

We may begin with Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, who has been president of APSA [Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See — handling its money] since 2011 and who is the most scandalous of the four. Gianluigi Nuzzi, in one of his more outspoken comments, describes Calcagno as “the scheming prelate and wily connoisseur of the Curia’s secrets.”

Before being appointed to the Curia, Calcagno had been Bishop of Savona, where between 2002 and 2003 he ignored repeated instances of sexual violence against minors by one of his priests, simply moving him on to another parish. What is even more shocking is that Calcagno is still under investigation for real-estate dealings which harmed the diocese’s finances.

It is a commentary on Francis’s pontificate that such a background is not thought incompatible with the holding of one of the key financial posts in the Vatican.

From: Colonna, Marcantonio. The Dictator Pope (Kindle Locations 1112-1120). Kindle Edition.


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