Sickening breakdown of law and order among FBI deep-staters

Sending this as is because in a hurry. But when Glenn Reynolds makes such a judgment, people listen, or should:

WELL, WELL: Even before Mueller was appointed, FBI opened investigation to “rein in” Trump. Note that they were planning an obstruction probe even before Comey was fired. Leaked to CNN because it’s friendly media, meaning they thought it was about to come out somewhere less friendly. This is huge, and people should go to jail.

Put this together with the collusion between the press and federal prosecutors and the “Deep State” narrative looks pretty solid.

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  • Margaret  On 12/07/2018 at 6:56 PM

    We’ll hear all about it but no one will go to jail. Trump needs to order full disclosure and the new acting AG should actually subpoena the miscreants.

    Might be time to order our yellow vests.


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