An LGBT Pamphlet against the Church

I favor exposure, letting devil take hindmost, but here’s a quite cautionary note:

An LGBT pamphlet against the Church. The title is “Sodom” and the author a well-known French LGBT activist. The book however, was hatched in Italy, during a conversation between the author and the publisher, Carlo Fetrinelli, son of Gian Giacomo, the publisher-terrorist who died in 1972, while placing a bomb on an Enel (Italian Electric Company) pylon in Segrate. “Sodom” will be presented within the next few days in eight languages and in about twenty countries.

The official launching of the book will take place on February 21, in conjunction with the Vatican conference dedicated to the sexual abuse of minors. What we are dealing here with then, is a powerful media operation, which has the Catholic Church as its target. The author of the book, Frédéric Martel, presented in the press at times with different titles i.e. sociologist, researcher and historian, has achieved a certain amount of fame for his last paper, Global Gay, translated into various languages, (published in Italy by Feltrinelli) dedicated to the current triumphant march of the homosexual movement all over the world.

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