Xavier Rynne II | Authors | First Things

This is quite something that I missed the first (and 2nd, 3rd and many another) time around. A second Xavier Rynne come to report on and analyze pseudonymouslyinner workings of a major gathering of bishops.

The first XR, later revealed as an American theologian, did Vatican 2 beautifully, giving session-by-session detailed, just slightly gossipy, accounts run in The New Yorker, and I assure you, avidly consumed by Jesuit seminarians.

They came as each a Letter from Vatican City, the last of them a few years after council close, in 1968 about birth control. Now we have another, not so new “letter” writer, who began with coverage of the 2015 synod.

Dozens such letters followed. Today’s is Letters from the Vatican: #2, the second offering Reports and Commentary, from Rome and Elsewhere, on the “Meeting for the Protection of Minors.”

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