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The unjust punishment of a scholarly papal critic

What happens if you challenge a dictator pope:

This week John Rist, who had been conducting scholarly research at the Patristic Institute Augustinianum, learned that he had suddenly become persona non grata at the venerable Roman institution. He was given neither warning nor formal notice; he learned of his new status only when he was unable to gain access to the parking lot.

John Rist is a world-class scholar, noted for decades of outstanding contributions to the history of philosophy. Among his academic credentials are an honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Institute of the Holy Cross and a chaired professorship at the Catholic University of America. He had been, until this week, a visiting professor at the Augustinianum.

What did Rist do, to prompt the Augustinianum to banish him? He signed the open letter charging the Pope with heresy.

The writer concludes:

The crude treatment of John Rist—which the professor rightly described as “grotesque discourtesy”—highlights a disturbing trend in Rome. Call it the new ultramontanism: the aggressive attitude of the Pope’s overeager defenders, who treat criticism of the Pontiff as a far more serious offense than attacks on the Catholic faith.

All the pope’s men do this.

New interview, new revelations damage Pope’s credibility | Catholic Culture

The man has a memory like a sieve.

In his latest interview Pope Francis says that he does not remember whether or not Archbishop Vigano told him about Theodore McCarrick’s sexual misconduct. He also insists that he knew “nothing, obviously, nothing, nothing” about McCarrick’s misconduct. Those two claims do not sit comfortably side by side.

If you told me that you studied French in high school, I might not recall that fact five years later; it wouldn’t stand out in my mind. But if you told me that you had wrestled a grizzly bear, whether or not I believed you, I would certainly remember the claim. Is the Pope suggesting that the news Archbishop Vigano says he conveyed—that a cardinal-archbishop had been bedding seminarians, and had been ordered by the previous Pontiff to retire from public life—would not have made a lasting impression?

He can’t be serious.

Yet even that outlandish suggestion is not enough to bring the Pope’s two claims into a workable alignment. Because if Archbishop Vigano had informed him, then even if the Pope somehow forgot, he could not truthfully say that he knew “nothing” about the McCarrick scandal.

Oh my.

When it comes to Viganò, Pope Francis continues to deflect and distract – Catholic World Report

He’s hard to pin down, as in a recent interview.

Pope Francis . . . went on to say that he could not remember whether Vigan?? had mentioned Uncle Ted [Cardinal McCarrick] to him. Francis seems to have a tough time remembering lots of things. He can???t remember what he told the Argentinian woman who wrote to him seeking counsel on her irregular marital situation and her relationship with the Church.

Pope Francis has never said what happened to the letter Juan Carlos Cruz wrote him. One wonders what happened to it, especially since the Pope reportedly received it some three years before he claimed never to have received any proof evidence against Bishop Juan Barros.

In the absence of a paper trail, ???I don???t recall,??? is usually enough to keep a formal indictment at arm???s length from heads of state (from ones, at least, who are subject to the law), but Pope Francis is not subject to any earthly judgment. He doesn???t have to run for re-election, either.

He’s home free.

9 ‘Major Scandals’ Obama Forgot to Mention

Enough already.

Conservatives reject Biden claim that Obama had not a ‘single whisper of scandal’

Joe, come ON!

A list:

More than a few and more than whispers.

Building the City of God AND Man – Francis and the Idolatry of Migrants

Penetrating analysis, how Francis does have a way with words.

. . . [he] misuses Catholicism as a prop to promote his leftist political agenda. He takes the spiritual and reduces it to the mundane; he takes what are essentially supernatural truths pertaining chiefly to men’s salvation and refocuses them on natural objects. This way the Gospel is perverted because turned away from its proper end. At the same time, Francis appears to be preaching the truth because he ostensibly gets his doctrine from the Gospel text. Such a tactic is as successful as it is deceptive. [boldface mine.]

You will probably want to keep in mind that the writer is a sedevacantist, one who considers the papal chair empty and has been empty for several papacies. You also will want to pay attention to his analysis, prescending, as the philosophers say, from his sedevacantism.

More more more, of course, at the above-linked site.

Meryl Streep: ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Label Hurts Boys, ‘Women Can Be F*cking Toxic Too’

Good for her.

Barr Speaks Out On Mueller: ‘He Could’ve Reached a Decision’ on Trump and Obstruction in Russia Probe

What we have here is a sober citizen trying to inject common sense and clear thinking into the national discussion.

Wish him well, folks, and pay attention.

Dershowitz: I Was Wrong About Mueller, Who Just Shamefully Proved His Partisan Agenda

Others too land on Mueller. What a guy.

The devastating case against Congr. Ilhan Omar

Safe-seat holder for overwhelmingly Somali electorate has a checkered past.

When caught stealing etc., she shouts bigotry.

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