Detailed report shows financial, sexual misconduct by retired West Virginia bishop : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

I was in the middle of this story some years back, not about bishop as abuser and high-liver but as greedy for land owned by some aged sisters in which project he was bucked by the Jesuit president of Wheeling Jesuit university, deposed by his board wary of offending the good man in charge, who looked bad then and looks worse now.

He’d come to the job after years as head man at the Immaculate Conception Basilica in Wash DC, which high-income position he held at some part of the eminent McCarrick and the deposed Wuerl incumbencies.

The webs they wove.

How was I in this bishop’s story? By blogging incessantly about the drama of the deposed Jesuit and his hardy defenders, all at

The Great West Virginia President Firing

When Julio Giulietti was shot off his horse

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