Mayor Lori defends her rumor-mongering in WTTW interview

The candidate I voted for, now mayor, looking more like the one I did not vote for in the pre-runoff election because of her hopping on the anti-cop bandwagon.

We opened the conversation by asking Lightfoot about statements she made last month during a “Chicago Newsroom” interview, in which she referenced a rumor she’d heard but not verified that the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police told cops to take no action over Memorial Day weekend. In that May 30 interview, Lightfoot says the FOP told cops, “‘If you see some criminal activity, just lay back, do nothing.’”

We asked her to clarify.

“What I said then and what I’ll repeat now was ‘I hope that’s not true,’” Lightfoot told Schutz on Monday. “. . . my point in bringing it up was to simply say, ‘I heard this but I hope it’s not true.’ Unfortunately, the second part is the piece that hasn’t been reported.”

No. Unfortunately the second part does nothing to change her passing on a rumor without the slightest effort to shoot it down.

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