Scoop: Trump’s loyalty cop clashes with agency heads, which has Axios on the alert

For some reason, POTUS does not trust people within his administration, and Axios is concerned about that.

Why it matters: This campaign — helmed by Trump’s loyalty enforcer, a 30-year-old former body man [?] who now runs hiring for the government — is part of the systematic purging or reassigning of those deemed insufficiently supportive of Trump.

The effort’s pace has alarmed top officials, according to 11 current and former [unnamed] officials with direct knowledge of the situation.

Oh boy, call the media cops. As if POTUS had any reason to himself being concerned, his underlings have been so good to him. Unless you consider cooperators and instigators of the recently completed impeachment procedures and the like.

(By the way, would have been nice to read an assessment of Obama’s appointing habits back in the day. Axios could have run a comparison of an Obama story with the equally conscientious stories they ran then. If they did so, of course.

I Binged (Microsoft’s Google) this to check my implications here. My phrase, “trump’s history of being screwed by his staff,” did not recognize the problem, giving me dozens of cases of his screwing, not one of being screwed. “Trump’s history” meant one thing to the search machine, his bad history. Bad, bad, bad.

I tried a hit-over-the-head “deep state betrays trump,” came up with which I will have to look at. It goes after this kind of betrayal 100%, a quick perusal tells me. It’s a sleek operation, but with no staffers named, nor anyone else responsible.

Stories are red meat to Trumpsters, would be best used and understood as tips and maybe good ones at that. But main stream? Forget about it, unless the ed pages of Wall St. Journal, NY Post, Instapundit and the like, at which I almost never swear, on which I do so often.

via  Axios

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