Mayor L picks her to co-chair new use-of-force committee, she cuts loose with attack on “psychopaths with guns” who “have circled the community with a shield of violence . . .

. . .  too often forcing the natural aggression of the black community inwards.”

That’s from Angela Davis,” she said, referring to the [communist] author and political activist.

She da woman!

Arewa Karen Winters, of Justice for Families, speaks during a press conference at City Hall to announce the city’s new Use of Force Working Group, designed to to review the Chicago Police Department’s policies pertaining to use of force, Monday morning, June 15, 2020. Winters will co-chair the Use of Force Working Group, alongside the police department’s Area 4 Deputy Chief Ernest Cato III.

The police union head to the mayor: “I can’t have dialogue with people who are so far to one side of the fringe that it’s just pointless.”

If you cater to that squeaky wheel, people are going to be distracted from your lack of a plan for the riots and everything else that has taken place in this city in the last month that you did nothing to stop.” 

Read it all at Police union slams co-chair of new panel reviewing CPD use-of-force policy – Chicago Sun-Times

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