California reader sounds off: Black Lives Matter protests are blatant hypocrisy

Lays it out for us:

If this anarchist group really cared about African Americans, you should see protesting by them against black-on-black gun violence and killings, but we don’t. Over a thousand African Americans, including children, have been killed by other blacks in relentless gun violence by black gangs . . .

Police officers . . .  are facing a war and battlefield environment trying to clean out the gangs. Police officers were not created or equipped to fight wars. That job belongs to the military.

. . . apparently the motivation of the Black Lives Matter is to . . . cover up the failings of some African Americans and to blame police and civilization as a whole for their problems. They are using a few rare incidents where police might have used too much force as a shameful excuse to tear down our social order nationwide . . .

Speaks for many if not most.

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