Chicago shootings: 102 shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend

While Black Lives Matter was the focus of a block party on our block (not kidding: the brain child of five young, otherwise neighborly, women, all white), it was Black-lives-don’t-matter elsewhere in our fair city.

Five children were among the 14 people killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed in separate shootings in Austin on Saturday.

Chicago saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year with 102 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Monday morning, 14 of them fatally. Five of those killed were minors.

The so far feckless-appearing top cop analyzed the matter, offering some thoughts impossible to deny, things a few of us had not realized.

In a Sunday news conference, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown reflected on the surge in gun violence. “Bullets don’t just tear apart the things they strike,” Brown said. “Bullets also tear apart families. Bullets destroy neighborhoods and they ruin any sense of safety in a community.”

As for what he and his police, otherwise presumably in a stinking bad mood from being widely discounted as lower than whale shit, are going to do about this chronic display of disrespect for black lives, he had more emotional outpourings —

“I put myself in that house, holding that little girl as she struggles to breathe,” Brown said. “I put myself in that hospital, clutching that baby with a bullet hole. Tears are natural reactions to these tragic stories of violence, but we need to do more than just cry.”

We? That little word shifts responsibility just enough to make readers feel a little more bad than usual as regards the trouble blacks have seen. The chief of police just one among the “we,” it might seem to the unwary.

Even this, which relies on the courts, not the police:

As Brown repeatedly pushed to “keep violent offenders in jail longer” and revamp the home monitoring program, he also hammered home the pervasive impact of gun violence.

Oh, and the legislature.

via Chicago Sun-Times

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