Our Great Awokening and France’s Great Terror — today’s fanaticism is nothing new

Rationality goes.

Make the Guillotine Red

As efforts intensify to purge anyone and anything from Western culture that offends the illiberal left’s sensitivities, the fanaticism which drives the Great Awokening has become abundantly evident.

To question the [error-filled] 1619 project’s factual veracity, for example, is seen as evidence of implicit racism.

Any confidence that the American Founding has something to teach the world is considered an instance of what Marxists call “false consciousness.”

References to reason, evidence, rule of law, or the West’s Jewish and Christian heritages are viewed as the language of someone hopelessly in thrall to “Eurocentric” outlooks.

Thou shalt not think, just emote.

What impresses me, however, is less the historically-illiterate justifications offered for the decapitation of statutes of Christopher Columbus, than the righteous fury visible in the eyes of those shouting slogans like “Rhodes Must Fall!”

Prudence, circumspection, and subtlety are out. Raw emotion and ideological purity are in. You are either with us or against us. And if you don’t endorse everything that we—the woke—think, say and do, be prepared to face the consequences.

The author probes wokery’s resemblances to the French Revolution, at length, including it cannibalism, including guillotining the not far enough left, the Girondins. He concludes with what our current revolutionists can expect.

In this light, those contemporary Girondins who dominate larger municipal governments throughout America and who rule the universities throughout Western countries, would be foolish to imagine that the illiberal left can somehow be placated by letting them riot, loot small businesses, and destroy public monuments.

Words like “compromise,” “tolerance,” and “moderation” do not form part of the lexicon of wokery. After all, once “one single will” has been established [Robespierre got the idea in part from Rousseau], such habits become superfluous.

One of the wokest of the revolutionary woke, he fell out of favor; and he and 21 followers were themselves guillotined. And that was it for the Reign of Terror which he had vigorously supported.

Our current revolutionists?

Perhaps at some point, the woke will turn on themselves as they try to outdo each other in showing whose consciousness has been raised the most. Unless or until that happens, however, anyone who sits on the vast spectrum from the liberal-minded left through to conservative traditionalists should have no illusions that the woke—like Robespierre—will be satisfied with anything less than complete submission.

And that would represent the end of liberty in any meaningful sense as well as the civilization which gave rise to it.

It’s come to that.

via Law & Liberty

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