GOP skepticism about that Russian ‘bounty’ story

Fakery on the Bounty . . .

Chicago Newspapers

Wash. Examiner’s Byron York does some sorting out:

Here’s the view of well-informed Hill Republicans about the New York Times scoop, “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says.” “It sounds like something Russia would do,” said one Republican lawmaker. “The Russians are a very capable force,” said another. “They’ve had connections in Afghanistan that go back a long way, and they would love nothing more than to kill Americans.”

So there are no illusions about Russia. “If Putin can f–k with us, he’s going to do it,” said the second lawmaker. “We are constantly monitoring the Russians’ malign activities in Afghanistan. It’s no secret.”

That said, they are skeptical about the Times story and related commentary. “It’s entirely possible the intelligence was too tenuous, or contradicted by other intelligence, etc., to act on,” the first Republican said. Said the second: “They” — meaning the…

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One thought on “GOP skepticism about that Russian ‘bounty’ story

  1. How’s this for crystal-ball gazing?
    The New York Times, Nancy Pelosi and Joe-in-the-basement accuse Trump of covering up Putin’s paying the Black Gangster Disciples to shoot people in Chicago.
    Would have more credibility than the Afghan ruse, particularly as there have only been nine GIs killed in Afghanistan in the first half of this year, not all of those combat deaths. Putin’s not getting much bang for the ruble.


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