I Was Hit Hard By COVID-19 — And I’m Still Not Afraid| National Catholic Register

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

A prayer for time of pandemic:

Lord, help us to know the way. We are summoned to find that delicate balance between cowering fear and reckless foolishness. Help us also to find the proper balance between necessary protections and heavier measures that may deprive people of their livelihoods and the precious human interactions that make for life.

We are seized by many fears today. Some of them are appropriate; others are excessive. Help us to distinguish and to find our way to that balanced place we call prudence. Help us also to be patient with one another. Some have more reason to remain secluded. Others have an urgency to get back to work, to provide for their families, to interact with others.

Each of us has decisions to make, and all of us need your grace to decide well and to trust you. Help us, Lord. Save us, have…

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