Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton on the Debate Commission’s Unilateral Rule Change – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Chicago Newspapers

Dirty pool.

I’m shocked that the Debate Commission didn’t even consult with President Trump’s campaign before making this radical change. I mean, they consult with the campaigns when they talk about the height of the podiums, Hugh, and the size of the notepads that will be on the podiums.

I think it’s just another example of the Washington establishment, whether it’s Republican or Democrat, wrapping their arms around Joe Biden and trying to put him in a protective cocoon all the way to November 3rd.

So I think the President is right not to simply accept this unilateral decision by the Debate Commission. Look, we have another week to this debate. The President could have multiple negative tests for the virus by then. Additional precautions could be taken. They could move it back a day or two if necessary.

But to make this decision without any consulting with Donald Trump

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