Does the Republican have a chance vs. Dick Durbin? Yes, says GOP state chairman

Chicago Newspapers

The Willie Wilson factor, the Chi Tribune endorsement!

Mark Curran vs Dick Durbin Looking at the money race, one might not perceive this contest as ripe for a flip from blue to RED. But, no one has worked harder to build a grassroots campaign powered by the people than former Lake County Mark Curran. There has been some recent developments recently that could make the results on election night a surprise to many.
First, African American and Independent candidate WIllie Wilson has raised $3 million dollars and his candidacy is a direct threat to Dick Durbin in terms of splitting the left leaning vote. And secondly, Curran just received the endorsement from the Chicago Tribune, the state’s largest newspaper. The Tribune said:
“Curran gets our endorsement for several reasons. The state of Illinois and its problems would be his top priority in Washington.
Illinois does not need someone at the…

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