US Catholic Bishops Finance Organized Effort to Elect Joe Biden

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Say it isn’t so, bishops and archbishops and cardinals.

As will be shown from Faith in Action’s own website and social media feeds, Faith in Action is involved in a consistent and direct partisan push in favor of Joe Biden and against Donald Trump for the 2020 national election.

Not only is this a direct violation of CCHD grant guidelines, but if left uncorrected it displays USCCB complicity with electioneering for an apostate Catholic who supports abortion through all 9-months of pregnancy, has performed two same-sex “marriages,” and is running on a campaign that promises persecution of faithful Catholics throughout the country.

Your excellencies coast to coast, is there something you can do about this. At very least, have your social justice committee investigate? This is an old problem with your (our) benefactions toward suspect causes.

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