Three New Coronadoom Books – William M. Briggs

Chicago Newspapers

Two good, one very bad, outselling the others by far. It’s by Gov. Cuomo of NY, peddling his crisis scenario.


There is no crisis—and hasn’t been for a long, long time. The vast majority of “new cases” you hear of are the results on insane increases in testing, with almost all not requiring treatment. Just like with a regular cold. The second book below rightly calls the situation a “casedemic”.

Cuomo could be out there telling folks to give up their irrational fear, but instead he promotes himself. And still pushes fear of the disappearing bug.

Don’t forget it was he who thought it a grand idea to stuff the genuinely infected into nursing homes, where the bug spread and killed many, many. Maybe 10,000 or more.

Cuomo believed the ridiculous predictions of the models, had to send away the empty hospital ship, and embraced lockdowns—which kill—with a…

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