Twitter Locks Out Second Salem Host, steaming ahead in its wholly partisan maneuvers, one after the other

It’s gotten ridiculous. Rename Twitter “Democrat Party Device.” It’s all systems go for Joe and Kamala. Boldly, baldly.

Twitter Locks Out Second Salem Host

Charlie Kirk has joined Sebastian Gorka in getting locked out for information not favorable to Biden (Radio Ink).

From Rich Lowry: Never before have the media been so openly fearful of asking or reporting something that might hurt a presidential candidate. What are supposed to be the animating values of our adversarial press — informing the public, getting answers, holding the powerful to account — have all been subordinated to the protection racket that is coverage of Joe Biden (National Review).

From Jenna Ellis: Seriously NOTHING Hunter Biden / Joe Biden / Corruption / Laptop is trending. But the top story is about the President’s tax returns (Twitter).

From the Wall Street Journal: Joe Biden ought to clear the air on this China business in his own political interest. Is he the “big guy” in the email? What happened with the deal? China will be one of Mr. Biden’s toughest foreign-policy challenges, and the unexplained documents won’t go away once he’s elected. If Republicans hold the Senate, you can bet there will be more digging (WSJ).

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