Pennsylvania Election Officials Rattled After Trump Campaign Requests Names Of Ballot Transporters, Storage Locations | Zero Hedge

Good idea!

A Tuesday email from Trump aide Leslie O’Shaughnessy requested the names of people transporting ballots from voting machines once polls close, the names of people with access to the ballots, and locations where ballots are stored – including room numbers.

Not everyone thinks so.

[Cumberland] County Commissioner Gary Eichelberger (R) called the request ‘intrusive,’ and suggested that it might disrupt the election process in the county of 253,000 residents.

It’s aggressive, I give them that. But Ronald Reagan’s advice when armament-dealing with the Communists comes to mind: Trust but verify.

Pertinent comment by the Trump campaign:

“Given that more than 500,000 mail ballots were tossed out in this year’s primaries, we must look into these critical issues ahead of November,” [Campaign spokeswoman Thea] McDonald told the Sentinel, linking to a Washington Post article on the volume of vote-by-mail ballots which were disqualified in the spring due to missing signatures, illegible marks, late arrivals and other reasons.

Huh. Half a million ballots here, half a million there, pretty you’re talking election-swingers.