Pollster Who Got It Right in 2016 Gives His Final Prediction

Chicago Newspapers

Citing among other things, the rallies.

He also holds a contrarian view of the president’s rallies. Unlike media elites and Beltway political observers who dismiss these people and their MAGA hats, Mr. Towery thinks the rallies will pay huge dividends on Election Day. “Trump has an instinct for what a showman needs to show,” he says. He believes the rallies will prove particularly helpful in getting people out in the rural areas where the president needs every last vote. (WSJ)

Yes, the showman’s advantage.

Vs., say, Joe B. spouting same-old mantras, “That’s not who we are,” “We can do better as a nation,” etc. And then the “dark winter” we face, vs. Trump’s “The best is yet to come.”

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