Trump supports [sic] pressure Marco Rubio to defy election results | Miami Herald

Chicago Newspapers

Miami Herald should be ashamed of itself. For its sloppiness, if for nothing else. (Alas, they have no shame.)

After longtime Trump ally and recent pardon recipient Roger Stone shared false claims of election fraud over the phone, Cubans4Trump co-founder Ariel Martinez addressed the crowd.

False? This is so sloppy. “False claims” makes another story, completely. You don’t toss it in there if you’re thinking beyond the newsroom. He “shared” (another weakling expression) claims (already distancing yourself from what he said) would do it without this unexplained editorializing “false.”

Don’t these reporters and editors go to school? As a onetime practitioner of the trade — and briefly a teacher of same — I am touched to the quick. Wounded. Offended. I’m become a snowflake ready to cancel someone or some thing somewhere somehow . . .

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