Byron York’s Daily Memo: For GOP, nine perilous days

Never did the lady from California look more childish.

“I don’t see any real support on our side for [proposed
one GOP lawmaker said, noting that Rep. Adam Kinzinger is so far the only House Republican to call for Trump to leave office immediately, and even Kinzinger said Sunday that impeachment is “probably not the smartest move right now.”

The lawmaker continued: “I think most people recognize [impeachment] is futile. The Senate doesn’t go into session until January 19th. It’s more Pelosi just one more time trying to poke everybody’s eye — another political stunt to tie Trump around our whole party one more time.”

(The number-three House Democrat, Rep. James Clyburn, said on Sunday that Pelosi might impeach Trump and then not send the articles to the Senate until after the new Biden administration passes its 100-day mark, creating an unprecedented but apparently constitutionally permissible situation in which the Senate would hold a trial for an ex-president.)

Good luck with that, Ms. P.

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