Byron York’s Daily Memo: Assessing Trump’s disastrous end

Whole thing has aura of a Greek tragedy.

Trump’s term before the election was marked by a remarkable set of accomplishments. He cut taxes and enacted serious deregulation that sparked the economy, led to an increase in wages not seen in decades, and created a foundation for more growth after the disaster of COVID. He appointed three Supreme Court justices and a slew of appeals court judges that were a dream come true for conservatives. He made significant progress toward peace in the Middle East. He strengthened the military. He made progress on illegal immigration. Finally, he pushed and cajoled and pressured pharmaceutical companies to create a COVID vaccine with a speed that many did not believe was possible.

Of course Democrats fought Trump every step of the way and began the work to remove him from office before he even took office. And Trump made all sorts of missteps. But the record is the record, and it is an impressive list of achievements.

And then, after November 3, one disaster after another.  With the exception of the vaccine, everything Trump did after the election has led to catastrophe for himself, the Republican Party, and the nation. It did not have to be that way. Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election led to a series of events that cast a shadow on everything he accomplished before.

Tragedy is when the virtue of the hero becomes his downfall. The tragic flaw asserts itself. The whole man, warts and all, succeeded. And the whole man, warts and all, led him astray at the very end.

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