Fordham’s theology prof a winner. A Democrat, he reads the heart of his peerless leader. A great act if he could carry it off.

Not only that, he’s a juggler as too:

Dr. Charles Camosy, a theology professor at Fordham University and former board member of Democrats for Life of America [which is where the juggling would come in, not to mention
], praised Biden for attending Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral on Wednesday morning, along with congressional leaders.

The heart?

Biden’s heart, Camosy said, “is a Catholic one and a deeply Catholic one at that. His decision to pray with Leader McConnell before being inaugurated shows a deep commitment to the kinds of values we would expect from a son of the Church.” [Idea
being if you’re willing to pray with McConnell, you got it,

Had advice for us:

Catholics, Camosy said, should seek to work with Biden on areas of agreement and hold him accountable [well!] when his public policies conflict with the teachings of the Church–including on Biden’s support for taxpayer-funded abortion.

But keep in mind . . . the heart!

“Happily, he [Biden] believes in his Catholic heart that abortion is always wrong,” Camosy said. “This is a foundation on which to build for changing his mind about public policy.” [Hey, you got the votes, you got the change.]

But whatever happens . . .

“There is common ground to be had on abortion, and we owe it to prenatal children and their mothers to seek to find it. No pro-lifer should allow their understandable anger and frustration to lead them to put castigation and vitriol before taking the chance to save lives,” Camosy said.

Agreed. Let us all agree: No castigation and vitriol. It’s a fall-back position for his colleagues.

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