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White man’s complaint.

Some folks have been up in arms that a white guy filed objections to the nominating petitions of two Black men for village trustee. I’m far more concerned over the information [that] objector Kevin Peppard uncovered on Anthony Clark and Chibuike Enyia, regardless of whether or not it disqualified them from the ballot. The information Peppard uncovered should disqualify both men from getting the vote of any citizen who cares about character and competence.

Candidate One:

Chibuike Enyia’s attorney publicly acknowledged Enyia entered into a “deferred judgment plea” in which he was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and sentenced to three years of probation for delivery of a controlled substance. Because of that, “a felony judgment [wa]s never entered.”

Enyia actually had the gall to label Peppard’s objection “false and defamatory.” Effectively saying, yeah, it quacks, and sure, it waddles, but don’t you dare call it…

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