How Does Reading Reduce Stress?

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We know it does, but by how much and how? Not something we have to know, you know, but it’s good to remind us of it sometimes.

Reading helps reduce stress, decrease blood pressure and improve heart rate which will release tension in our muscles. A study from the University of Sussex shows that stress can be reduced by up to 68% with just reading alone, and it’s more effective than many other stress relievers out there.

  • The Reading Agency found that reading reduces depression and dementia symptoms.
  • Reading for Six minutes a day reduces stress by 68 percent.
  • Regular readers show lower rates of depression compared to non-readers.
  • Reading is 300 percent more effective at reducing stress than going for a walk.

The study conducted by the University of Sussex found that reading is one of the most beneficial ways of reducing stress.

It found that reading…

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