Off the ballot, on the ballot – Oak Park

Gearing up for an April (!) election . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

Wednesday Journal takes note of two village board candidates, both sitting trustees, dropping out as candidates for the April election, one of them for return to the board as trustee, the other for president/mayor, and comes up with its own mysterious observation:

What changed their minds? Not entirely clear. But we believe they made the right choice. As we have often said, campaigns are the place to sort out qualifications for office, whether that is debating a matter of policy or challenging a candidate’s residency. Voters should make these decisions.

They chose well but Wed J not sure why. Right choice: why?

Campaigns are where voters consider qualifications, it’s the time for voters to decide, they are the ones who should do so.

But to withdraw is to deprive voters of an option. But these candidates choose well. How so?

As for challenging a residency, neither of these withdrawing…

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