Dunkin’ D, Holy Mass (and Father), people buying doughnuts

Not for attribution

Theme of this and many another day, not necessarily relevant to what follows: Resignation is the lot of a thinking man or woman.


Six feet apart we are at Dunkin’, where it’s no mask, no problem, in a time of reduced mitigation. See Daddy, tall, well-constructed fellow with we guess four-year-old daughter. He explains getting change: Costs a dollar, you give him five, he returns four. She gets it. Had asked him, he had explained.

Elsewhere and otherwise:

No-no-no, says a young customer, soft-voiced, pleasant, picking out a doughnut, pointing. “She/Her” button is pinned (with others) on her backpack. The sentiment (message) is this year’s thing.

Holy Mass as discussed by the eminent Fr. HunwickeXavier U-Cincinnati Chapel mass comes up now and then with a creed all its own, friend Mike told me some time back. Like the LGBT mass in a UK church, in which is…

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