A Preaching Renewal — Gottesdienst

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

The ideal situation:

I think before we could hope for a renewal in preaching, we need to think about what the ideal would be. In my mind, every Sunday [mass] would have two high points: the sermon and [communion]. People would . . . demand high level didactic, challenging sermons. They would not only prepare for Holy Communion by prayer, fasting, and confession, but they would prepare for the sermon. . . . by reading the texts beforehand . . .

The sermon would not be a one-time event performed on Sunday and then forgotten. It would be talked about on the ride home, at Sunday dinner, and even at work the next week. Our pastors would publish their sermons and the people would eagerly take them home, mail them to their friends, and review them. . . .

This from a Lutheran pastor, adapted for Catholic use.

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