Hong Kong Calvary 2021

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Two men against the regime.

Jimmy Lai will keep fighting to the end, as will Martin Lee. They will fight, however, with weapons of the spirit and with real arguments – weapons that the brute force and lies deployed by the Beijing regime against them cannot match. In this, too, they are living the imitation of Christ. Both these Catholic prisoners of conscience may die in communist Chinese prisons. But they will be the real victors in the contest, because they will have remained faithful to the truth about human dignity they know as an essential part of their profound Catholic faith. And the just Judge of all will know what they have done, why they have done it, and in whose holy name they have done it. Believing that, they can fight on without rancor, nourished by the sacraments and prayer.

Like the early martyrs. But . . .

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