Con job of the century, “panic of pols” . . . “ever more morbid and distorted statistics” . . .

Chicago Newspapers

From feisty foreword by George Gilder to Jeffrey Tucker’s Liberty or Lockdown, which I am reading:

‘By late April 2020, with reports of plummeting death rates from all causes, the Covid-19 crisis was already essentially over. Signs mounted that this “viral new mania,” as I called it, was far less severe than previous flus in 1918, 1958, and 1968 that occasioned no lockdowns or business closures despite millions of deaths from each around the globe.

With the average age of Covid-19 deaths reported to be as high as 85 in Massachusetts where I reside and look on in wild surmise, the real mortality numbers for Covid-19 sank into the statistical noise.

Hey, but why am I telling you this, when you hold in your hand this stirring and authoritative work by the eminent Jeffrey Tucker, who has mastered all the data and transcended it with a redemptive call…

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