9 Easy Ways For Your Church To Be Less White | The Babylon Bee

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Start here:

1. Ask white people to stop coming. – This is an easy one. Before the service, ask people to silence their cellphones and also tell white people to leave and never come back.

That’s a start. Now read the rest for yourself.

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NAACP’s Counterfactual Claim About Racial Inequity in Police Stops – Just Facts Daily

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Says this fellow, citing himself.

In a recent Newsweek article, senior reporter Jason Lemon alleges there is “significant data showing” that the U.S. is plagued by “systemic racism.” As evidence of this, he claims the “NAACP found that from 2017 to 2020, Black men were five times more likely than white people to be stopped by law enforcement without a valid reason.”

The hyperlink Lemon uses to support that claim leads to another article by Lemon, which links to an earlier article by Lemon, which dead ends with no link or reference to an actual study or data.

Nice work if you can get it.

As for NAACP,

A search of [its] website revealed a “Criminal Justice Fact Sheet“ that claims: “A Black person is five times more likely to be stopped without just cause than a white person.” The “fact sheet” contains no link or…

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At the Cleveland Public Library a long time ago — ‘Cranks, Hacks, Poverty-stricken Scholars’

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The boy wanted “to become one of them.”

That is probably where I learned to feel at home in a library. I would already have made a list of the books I wanted, and in those pre-internet days I relied on the massive card catalogues and trusted in serendipity.

Some of my fellow library-goers at first seemed scary to this suburban kid. Old men, perhaps younger than I am today, wearing too many items of clothing, murmuring and reading close to the page with magnifying glasses. I wished to become one of them.

They seemed free to ignore what others thought of them, intent on the words they held to their noses. I read Louis MacNeice’s “The British Museum Reading Room” (1939) and thought again of those contented old men:

“Cranks, hacks, poverty-stricken scholars,

In pince-nez, period hats or romantic beards
And cherishing their hobby or their doom . …

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