Mayor Lightfoot’s irrelevant comments on mass shootings

Chicago Newspapers

She analyzes, when she should be cracking down on gangs — the thinking person’s mayor.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the two attacks stemmed from “internal gang conflicts,” decrying them as “street justice” driven by a “thirst for revenge.”

Lightfoot lamented yet another summer weekend marred by mass shootings, and the wounds inflicted “psychologically” on people left “traumatized” in gang-infested neighborhoods.

“They want to engage in street justice, which is tragic and terrible,” Lightfoot said. “When they aim, they don’t get the target. They get the children and the innocent bystanders who have a right to live in our city without fear of being felled by gun violence.”

Less lamenting, telling how bad things are. Less the mother hen, helping us to understand what’s going on, more the angry mother goose, attacking with all she has at her disposal. Or telling how she will attack.

Bemoaning gangs, street justice, and the…

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Support for Batavia priest grows amid pending removal-Shaw Local

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Very strange, makes you wonder about what’s the heck is going on.

This young, active priest accused of nothing is benched, suspended with pay, well not suspended, just removed from the roster.

And he’s not the only one. Rockford diocese here, but apparently at least one Chicago priest has gotten this treatment, hung out to dry with no comment or explanation by bishop or cardinal archbishop.


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Second City Cop on Big Shoulders City . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

. . . winds up his sharp, telegraphic assessment:

And finally, with [police department] manpower down 18 percent across the board, retirements through the roof, resignations at record levels and no one take the entrance exam, Groot [the
mayor] decides to take fifty-six officers, two sergeants and a lieutenant (mostly from the already shorthanded Districts) and assign them to….her house.

That’s most of a Watch, now assigned to Groot. That means (once again) if you want a day off to relax, recover and maybe make some sort of family plans after three weeks of 12-hour days (and more to come), too darn bad.

Sure, Groot will tell you she cares as she hides behind a phalanx of cops (that she hates). Groot will also tell you your mental and physical health is at the forefront of her mind and she’ll thank your family for not having you around for…

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Pope Francis, the Joe Biden of the Catholic Church, Sets His Sights on the Latin Mass

Oak Park Chronicles

He certainly has it in for the supernatural, offers new proof of living while ignoring eternal truths. A sort of Holy Rotary leader (with all respect to Rotarians the world over), not the Holy Rosary. Oh boy . . .

The rumors appear to be true: Pope Francis is planning to rescind Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict’s 2007 motu proprio liberalizing the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass (TLM), which Benedict dubbed the “Extraordinary Form” of the Latin Rite. This at a time when the TLM has been flourishing while most of the Church is experiencing significantdeclines. Before exploring why Pope Francis is considering this radical move, it might be helpful to briefly review the history of the TLM over the past 60+ years.

Let’s do just that . . .

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Have you hated a Jew today?

Oak Park Chronicles

It’s having a new heyday.

Anti-Semitism is having yet another of its semi-annual flare-ups. It’s a disease that will never be eradicated. On Tuesday, Rabbi David Wolpe said on Twitter: “I remember when hating Jews wasn’t chic.” His memory is better than mine. You don’t have to be a Nazi to be a Jew-hater. I recently heard a university administrator describe a woman’s voice as “too Jewy.” Anti-Semitism is an equal-opportunity employer.

[You can find Eliot
Weinberger’s translation of “I, a Jew” in Borges’ Selected
Viking, 1999.]

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