Second City Cop on Big Shoulders City . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

. . . winds up his sharp, telegraphic assessment:

And finally, with [police department] manpower down 18 percent across the board, retirements through the roof, resignations at record levels and no one take the entrance exam, Groot [the
mayor] decides to take fifty-six officers, two sergeants and a lieutenant (mostly from the already shorthanded Districts) and assign them to….her house.

That’s most of a Watch, now assigned to Groot. That means (once again) if you want a day off to relax, recover and maybe make some sort of family plans after three weeks of 12-hour days (and more to come), too darn bad.

Sure, Groot will tell you she cares as she hides behind a phalanx of cops (that she hates). Groot will also tell you your mental and physical health is at the forefront of her mind and she’ll thank your family for not having you around for…

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