A paragraph of rebuttals of the Pope’s recent attempt at abolishing the Latin mass . . .

. . . showing how Vatican Council II approved and encouraged what Francis shot at and missed. Sacrosanctum Concilium is the council’s near unanimously accepted final say about liturgy:

After the example of the celebrations according to 1962 Missal, and based on the teaching of the Council Fathers and the legitimate options of the present liturgical books, Adoremus [a
publication here defended by its editor] will continue to assist bishops, priests, and laity as “guardians of tradition.”

We will continue to promote the use of Latin and sacred vernacular, as do Sacrosanctum Concilium (36, 54, 101) and the tradition.

We will continue to encourage the use of Gregorian Chant and sacred polyphony, as do Sacrosanctum Concilium (116) and the tradition.

We will continue to form liturgical ministers to serve and act according to “the traditional practice of the Roman Rite,” as the [official,
since 1969] General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) directs (see GIRM, 42).

We will continue to demonstrate the need for beautiful, heavenly sacred art and architecture, as do Sacrosanctum Concilium (122) and our liturgical tradition.

We will continue to teach about legitimate, longstanding liturgical options, such as praying the Eucharistic Prayer ad orientem, as offered by the current Missal (see, for example, Order of Mass, 29, 127, 132)..

Leaving the rest of us wondering what the heck’s going on in Rome these days, and not the first time for that . . .

The sisters had nothing to do with Biden and CNN coming to the university they sponsor (its board booked them) . . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

. . . but they are happy about it, welcoming the event as an “opportunity [to provide] space for the free exchange and rigorous examination of information and ideas.”

If the Biden event mistakenly features “free exchange and rigorous rigorous examination of information and ideas,” it will be a first. So what are the sisters talking about?

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The clue to media bias . . .

Chicago Newspapers

Not what they say and write but what they don’t.

Agenda bias in media is never revealed by what they choose to cover in print, online or on networks. More times than not, it’s what they choose to ignore and no story was making more national waves not seven days ago than the follies of the Texas Democrats.”

The ones who flew to DC to thwart their back-home majority, celebrated before they became spreaders, forgotten when they did.

Of course, there’s nothing to match the wholesale ignoring of the Hunter Biden story — thanks, NY Post — in the weeks before the election, not to mention since then.

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Singin’ in the Midland . . .

Writers & Writing

. . . with the society of same (Midland Authors) in a coming event:

Woodstock @ 50 with Gerald Plecki

August 10, 2021

Cocktail hour: 6-7 pm; Panel discussion: 7-8 pm at the Cliff Dwellers Club, 200 S. Michigan Ave., 22ndfloor penthouse­—with a great view of Millennium Park!

Masks will be required; social distancing will be practiced. Stay safe!

Free, open to the public; Free appetizers, cash bar

Singing in the Rain: The Definitive Story of Woodstock at Fifty, by Gerard Plecki [discussion of

Cocktails to be sipped through straws inserted in small mask-hole, and . . . keep your distance fella!

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Boston making no changes in Latin Mass arrangements . . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Will consult with U.S. bishops’ committee and its own divine worship office while reviewing the pope’s recent statement, noting

. . . that the Holy Father provided the local ordinary [bishop] exclusive competence for use of the Extraordinary Form [Latin mass] in his diocese,

And adding, crucially, that Cardinal O’Malley

wishes to assure all the faithful of his concern for their spiritual and pastoral needs. In light of the pending consultations he is making no changes to the current practice.

Quite properly. A thank-you, Holy Father. We will give what you say the deepest consideration.

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Kids wearing masks are asking for trouble, EXPERTS SAY

Chicago Newspapers

It’s not their idea, of course . . .

Many governments have made nose and mouth covering or face masks compulsory for schoolchildren. The evidence base for this is weak.1,2

The question whether nose and mouth covering increases carbon dioxide in inhaled air is crucial. A large-scale survey3 in Germany of adverse effects in parents and children using data of 25, 930 children has shown that 68% of the participating children had problems when wearing nose and mouth coverings.

The normal content of carbon dioxide in the open is about 0.04% by volume (ie, 400 ppm). A level of 0.2% by volume or 2000 ppm is the limit for closed rooms according to the German Federal Environmental Office, and everything beyond this level is unacceptable.4

JAMA Pediatrics is source, by the way, Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face…

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Arne Duncan, the great white hope, spouts nonsense on a peace march

Chicago Newspapers

Promoting a better, softer approach:

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan weighed in on the recent crisis, saying that entering more people into the criminal justice system does not solve the issue.

“Our guys in the street, they’re just looking for family. It’s the wrong family. We all have to be the family,” Duncan said.

Our guys who kill each other and others “looking for family”?

These are the words of a man preparing to run for office, John Kass writes, asking if we “miss[ed] the big Chicago mayoral campaign coming out party for Arne Duncan the other day.”

He’s part of that Democrat insider progressive/corporate clique that now runs Chicago. He’s been repeatedly mentioned as a mayoral candidate. And there he was the other night at that stop-violence march with several TV cameras in tow.

You get it now?

Kass reads more political…

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How’s your day going so far? Are you safe?

Writers & Writing

July 14, 2021

Bastille Day, commemorated by twin flags side by side on a house on Bryn Mawr, U.S. and francaise.

“My friend” “Be safe” “Have a nice rest of the day” — OK words of our day, heard from several gentlemen closing down their Starbucks sidewalk confabulation.

Famous 20th-century writers Beckett and Joyce ended their careers writing “more and more for their own pleasure and interest.” “Seemed to,” at any rate. Also “seemed to leave more and more readers behind.” (p. 7 of Lydia Davis’ Essays One, Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2019)

Starbucks wants to “add a little joy to [my] day,” it says on the cup before me. Is this a cup I see before me? Indeed it is, and a potentially joyful one at that.

Two ladies of advanced years get off bicycles, one waits outside for the other, posting her little black and white…

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“no control in the city” says Crain’s Chi Business. Not the point at all, say Wirepoints commenters, laying into Madam Mayor . . .

Chicago Newspapers

. . . Barring no holds.

* Chicago’s problem isn’t “no control”, there’s too too too much “control” coming from our SJW/BLM/WTF mayor, hampering police efforts, too too too much “control” from Foxx, Evans, Preckwinkle, et al in regards to BLM/SJW agenda. Civility is absent, victim of “white privilege” rhetoric, and in exchange we get “rage in the streets” rhetoric to justify lawlessness, violence, and disregard for public safety.

* . . . No Control for an orgy of progressive fantasies. This is exactly what the city wants and they want more, not less of it. Lori’s massive security detail is because progressives don’t think she’s gone far enough. She doesn’t fear conservatives. She fears left wing progressives who are upset she hasn’t completely dismantled the police department by now. Can the ‘journalist’ at crAins be so dumb not to see this?

* Foxx is a bigger problem than…

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