Mayor Lightfoot’s irrelevant comments on mass shootings

Chicago Newspapers

She analyzes, when she should be cracking down on gangs — the thinking person’s mayor.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the two attacks stemmed from “internal gang conflicts,” decrying them as “street justice” driven by a “thirst for revenge.”

Lightfoot lamented yet another summer weekend marred by mass shootings, and the wounds inflicted “psychologically” on people left “traumatized” in gang-infested neighborhoods.

“They want to engage in street justice, which is tragic and terrible,” Lightfoot said. “When they aim, they don’t get the target. They get the children and the innocent bystanders who have a right to live in our city without fear of being felled by gun violence.”

Less lamenting, telling how bad things are. Less the mother hen, helping us to understand what’s going on, more the angry mother goose, attacking with all she has at her disposal. Or telling how she will attack.

Bemoaning gangs, street justice, and the…

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