Afghanistan debacle: Triumph of the Left

90 Retired Generals Pen Scathing Letter Calling For Austin And Milley To Resign Immediately

“The retired Flag Officers signing this letter are calling for the resignation and retirement of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) based on negligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” reads a Monday letter signed by 90 retired top-ranking military officials.
“As principal military advisors to the CINC (Commander in Chief)/President, the SECDEF and CJCS should have recommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms,” they wrote.
“If they did not do everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign.”

Horrifying aftermath:

“The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time. The death and torture of Afghans has already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions. The loss of billions of dollars in advanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen, and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.
Moreover, now our adversaries are emboldened to move against America due to the weakness displayed in Afghanistan. China benefits the most followed by Russia, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and others. Terrorists around the world are emboldened and able to pass freely into our country through our open border with Mexico.”

It’s a Democrat thing.

Governor Pritzker Must Answer Justice Kavanaugh’s Questions On Eviction Bans – Wirepoints

“Crassly dictatorial”

Nothing in Gov. JB Pritzker’s emergency orders on COVID is more egregiously unjust, tyrannical and arbitrary than his moratorium on residential evictions. Pritzker, in his sole discretion, has effectively forced landlords alone to pay the cost of a free housing program. It’s that simple. His eviction ban prevents even mom and pop landlords from collecting rent they need to pay their mortgages and property taxes, and often to provide income they live on.

The United States Supreme Court last week struck down a federal moratorium on residential evictions. The ruling was based on the absence any authorization for the moratorium by Congress, not on broader constitutional issues like property rights, contract rights or due process. Therefore, as a strict legal matter, the ruling does not apply to Pritzker’s own eviction moratorium. It’s based on Pritzker’s emergency powers, as he sees things.

So Pritzker has been free to extend his emergency order again, as he did last week. And he will probably do so for an indefinite period of time. With COVID breaking through vaccinations at a much faster pace than originally hoped, it’s clear that COVID will be with us indefinitely. That means Pritzker will claim his authoritarian emergency power also extends indefinitely.

But with just a few short questions in his written concurrence with last week’s ruling, Justice Brett Kavanaugh showed why eviction bans at any level, from any perspective, are so crassly dictatorial and irrational. If the Centers for Disease Control can, through a federal eviction ban, force landlords the pay for free housing, what can’t they do? Here’s how Kavanaugh put it:

Could the CDC, for example, mandate free grocery delivery
to the homes of the sick or vulnerable?

Require manufacturers to provide free computers to enable people to work
from home?

Order telecommunications companies to provide free high-speed Internet service to facilitate remote work?

Yes, they could – if you accept the absurd thinking behind eviction bans. Pritzker likewise could do the same things at the state level – and dictate countless similar actions – if you accept that thinking behind eviction bans.

Devastating analysis of the Biden pullout from Afghanistan

The Character of Nations and Failed Leadership

Perhaps not since 1939, when this nation turned away over 900 German Jews seeking refuge from Nazi terror and certain death, has an American president acted as shamelessly as we approach President Biden’s unilateral deadline for evacuating our Afghan allies.

The jewel in the crown of Biden’s career.

Fact Check: Did Cardinal Cupich Stop Recitation of Public Prayers After Mass at an Illinois Parish?

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

The priest said so:

In the video, which has now been removed, Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes, the associate pastor, said that upon the request of Cardinal Cupich, prayers to St. Michael and the Hail Mary at the end of the Mass had to stop.

Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes.Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes.

“Following the directive of Cardinal Cupich, we want to remind everyone that the prayer to Saint Michael is not to be said publicly following Mass,” says Father Torres-Fuentes in the video. This devotional prayer may be recited privately while being respectful of others in the church. Okay?”

The pastor said he “misspoke.”

Father Torres-Fuentes “wishes to state that he misspoke at a recent Mass when he falsely attributed statements to Cardinal Cupich. For this reason the video of that Mass has been removed to avoid any confusion.”

Falsely? Not mistakenly? He lied?

CNA asked Father Torres-Fuentes in an email who gave him the directive…

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Chicago archdiocese rules change, virus time, June of 2020 — calling in the oldies, no matter the dangers

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

From a Chicago pastor 14 months ago, after negotiating with downtown about qualifying people to help with parish opening for Mass:

Initially the Archdiocese said that no one could be a greeter, usher or cleaner who was 65 or older or who had any preexisting medical conditions. [Based on careful analyses by various health departments, we assume.]

This has now been changed so that we can now have greeters, ushers and cleaners who are 65 or older, even if they have preexisting medical conditions. [! Good enough reason, forget the careful analyses.]

However, everyone who is 65 or older and/or who has preexisting medical conditions needs to know that if they do volunteer, they face a more serious and greater health risk if they do develop the Covid-19 virus. [Oh! Let each decide if it’s worth it to keep the church open for masses.]

Beautiful. Where there’s a will, there’s…

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Set papal retirement age at 85?

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Francis, age 85, would like to do this.

Rumours multiply in Rome that Francis is about to regulate the retirement of a pope with a Motu Proprio, after Benedict XVI’s retirement produced confusion and chaos.

According to Specola (, August 26), Francis wants to set an age threshold for popes at 85 years at which the sitting pope “must” step down, thus turning the papacy into a temporary office.

However . . .

. . . like most things Francis does, this idea would not be [followed] through to its conclusion, because a pope cannot “present” a resignation, only “declare” it, and if he doesn’t, no motu proprio can force him to do so.

He is certainly full of ideas, is he not?

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Do Masks Work?

Burning question that. To wear or not to wear? Science has the answer. Oh? Yes and no, says this writer in City Journal. Surely, the idea got off to a rocky start:

“Seriously people—STOP BUYING MASKS!” tweeted then–surgeon general Jerome Adams on February 29, 2020, adding, “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.”

Two days later, Adams said, “Folks who don’t know how to wear them properly tend to touch their faces a lot and actually can increase the spread of coronavirus.”

Less than a week earlier, on February 25, public-health authorities in the United Kingdom had published guidance that masks were unnecessary even for those providing community or residential care: “During normal day-to-day activities facemasks do not provide protection from respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19 and do not need to be worn by staff.”

About a month later, on March 30, World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies Program executive director Mike Ryan said that “there is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any particular benefit.” He added, “In fact there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite” because of the possibility of not “wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly” and of “taking it off and all the other risks that are otherwise associated with that.”

Surgical masks were designed to keep medical personnel from inadvertently infecting patients’ wounds, not to prevent the spread of viruses. Public-health officials’ advice in the early days of Covid-19 was consistent with that understanding.

Then something (must have) happened. On April 3 of that very same year, the same Jerome Adams said the CDC was changing its guidance . . . the general public should . . . wear masks whenever sufficient social distancing could not be maintained.”

A dizzying round, wouldn’t you say? It got dizzier, as we know:

Sen. Rand Paul has been suspended from YouTube for a week for saying, “Most of the masks you get over the counter don’t work.” Many cities across the country, following new CDC guidance . . . are once again mandating indoor mask-wearing for everyone, regardless of inoculation status.

The CDC further recommends that all schoolchildren and teachers, even those who have had Covid-19 or have been vaccinated, should wear masks.

It’s not easy being a CDC.

more coming . . .