Fact Check: Did Cardinal Cupich Stop Recitation of Public Prayers After Mass at an Illinois Parish?

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The priest said so:

In the video, which has now been removed, Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes, the associate pastor, said that upon the request of Cardinal Cupich, prayers to St. Michael and the Hail Mary at the end of the Mass had to stop.

Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes.Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes.

“Following the directive of Cardinal Cupich, we want to remind everyone that the prayer to Saint Michael is not to be said publicly following Mass,” says Father Torres-Fuentes in the video. This devotional prayer may be recited privately while being respectful of others in the church. Okay?”

The pastor said he “misspoke.”

Father Torres-Fuentes “wishes to state that he misspoke at a recent Mass when he falsely attributed statements to Cardinal Cupich. For this reason the video of that Mass has been removed to avoid any confusion.”

Falsely? Not mistakenly? He lied?

CNA asked Father Torres-Fuentes in an email who gave him the directive…

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