Catholic health ministry head decries ‘unjust’ federal vaccine mandate

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Authoritarian ways of Democrats.

“Coercing individuals into making a medical intervention is unjust,” said Louis Brown, executive director of the Christ Medicus Foundation and former acting deputy director of the Civil Rights Division of the HHS Office for Civil Rights, in an interview with CNA on Thursday.

“And a vaccine mandate that could cause millions of Americans to lose their jobs, to be excluded from large swathes of civil society – to become, effectively, second-class citizens – seriously undermines the principle of human dignity and the civil rights foundations of America,” he said.

Catholic health ministry head decries ‘unjust’ federal vaccine mandate

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Todd Beamer of Flight 93: “Let’s roll”

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Capsule portrait of a hero:

A strong Christian faith also carried Beamer toward his fate. Lisa recounts that their life together was founded on faith — at Wheaton, while rearing children, and teaching Sunday school at Princeton Alliance Church.

Before ending his call with Ms. Jefferson, Beamer asked, “Would you do one last thing for me?” “Yes. What is it?” she answered. “Would you pray with me?” They said the Lord’s Prayer together in full, and other passengers joined in.

Beamer then recited Psalm 23, concluding, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”

Immediately after, he turned to his co-conspirators and asked, “Are you guys ready? OK, let’s roll.”

Political Editors: In Brief: Remember Todd Beamer | The Patriot Post

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Plainfield rep asks Pritzker for “clear goalposts” for mask mandates

Lawmaker asks Pritzker for metrics needed to relax mask mandates – Illinois News Now

A state lawmaker says residents are demanding clear goalposts to aim to relax COVID-19 mitigations such as mask mandates.

Nearing 20 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, executive orders from Gov. J.B. Pritzker on a variety of things ranging from economic restrictions to masks in schools, have gone unchecked by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

Republican state Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, said that has to change. “If the public can go to their Representative and their Representative can sit in committee and they can talk about what they’ve heard, there’s a little more buy in from the public and they’re likely to trust the mitigations,” Batinick said.

He wrote the governor a letter detailing a proposal with regionalized metrics to give assurances things like school mask mandates aren’t open ended.

Lawmaker asks Pritzker for metrics needed to relax mask mandates – Illinois News Now

Of course, you know about this from coverage in Chi papers and/or broadcast news, heh-heh.

What’s that? Not even a little?