Is the Pope a Protestant?

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The priest who wanted Francis to die, “In common with tens of thousands of conservative Catholics, including some cardinals . . .

believes Francis is driving [the church] towards the same rocks that have shipwrecked liberal Protestantism – and not through innocent naivety, but with a mad, self-destructive gleam in his eye.

Colorful, eh?

The world’s media . . . gave him an ecstatic welcome [ignoring] . . . the puzzled reaction of Argentinian Catholics, who were familiar with the new pope’s strange leadership style [and] had seen little evidence of easy-going charm when Francis was Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires and, before that, provincial superior of the Jesuits in Argentina.

In Argentina his manner was

notoriously abrasive. . . . he sent out confusing signals, [increasing] the presence of the Church in the slums, had no appetite for luxury and cultivated his image as a man of the…

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2 thoughts on “Is the Pope a Protestant?

  1. Jim — Thanks for posting this. It has made me think. Francis is the cross for many today. Despair or presumption the temptation. But there is the Real cross and Francis ain’t it. Thank God.Jenn Message—–


  2. In general, some preaching might be in order about (a) no guarantees that bad things won’t happen to the church, in fact just the opposite and (b) guarantees of ultimate success. Right?


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