Hey, what about those gas prices?

The excellent The Daybreak Insider

has this on the subject. (Look up and sign on. )

Democrats Called Out for Creating the Energy Crisis

From the story: As Democrats — who have been waging a war on the oil and gas industry — continue to blame Putin, Americans and some in the media aren’t buying it. In fact, the anti-fracking records of congressional climate activists are being scrutinized. Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats have backed themselves into a corner (Townhall). Matt Whitlock: Oh man — these Democrats are walking into a buzzsaw of their own making. Just a year ago they were screaming at energy execs to reduce oil production – today they’re going to theatrically accuse them of price gouging (Twitter). Spencer Brown: Oil and gas CEOs aren’t the ones who killed pipeline projects, revoked drilling leases, or promised to “get rid of fossil fuels” (Twitter). Fox News reports: Republicans have been beating the drum that Biden’s policies — including canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and freezing new oil and gas leases on federal lands – started driving up the gas prices prior to the war on Ukraine (Fox News).

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