Rise in Philly carry permits leads to rise in justified homicides

Case one:

The Inquirer profiles a number of people who wound up finding themselves in such unfortunate situations. One homeowner was standing outside his house smoking a cigarette when a mugger rode up on a bike, holding a gun and demanding money. Rather than grabbing his wallet, the homeowner pulled out his registered handgun and shot the mugger fatally in the head.

Two and three:

An assistant manager at a Dollar General store was confronted by a man in a ski mask brandishing a pistol and demanding money. That robber also failed to survive after the manager shot him. (The thief’s pistol turned out to be fake, but that didn’t matter.) A third person at a food market shot an armed robber dead in March when the thief attempted to rob him while he was playing a video game.

Word gets out on the street, bad guys get it. Or don’t.

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