Pennsylvania’s Mastriano rewrites debate rules to thwart anti-GOP bias

Running for governor, he says nuts to the usual debate arrangements:

“Typically, Republican statewide candidates fall prey to the trap of debates that are effectively a two against-one matchup, in which the mainstream media, who moderate the debates, are unpaid advocates and ideological allies of the Democrat candidates,” he said.

Says he and his opponent can work something out that confronts and negates the usual palsy-walsy Dems-and-tee-vee-buddies shows meant to satisfy lefties while cutting down the right.

Mastriano, a state senator who represents Gettysburg, wrote in a letter to Shapiro, the state’s attorney general, “I challenge you to two 90-minute debates in the month of October, one at a location of your choosing, and one at a location of my choosing.”

He suggested that each debate have two moderators, “again, one of your choosing and one of my choosing — who will be allowed an equal number of questions asked of each candidate. The topics for the debates can be open-ended with no limits.”

An equal-opportunity tangle. Should break viewing records.

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