Judge gives Justice a whupping

DOJ lawyers tried to pull wool over the judge’s eyes, when it’s justice that’s supposed to be blind, not the judge.

A federal judge in Texas has ordered hundreds of U.S. Department of Justice lawyers to undergo ethics training, accusing the agency of a “calculated plan of unethical conduct.”

The extraordinary order by U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen says Justice Department lawyers intentionally misled him in the course of a lawsuit filed by Texas and 25 other mostly conservative states challenging the Obama administration’s immigration policy.

He scolded, excoriated, them soundly.

Judge Hanen wrote, “Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice.’”

He went on, “In fact, it is hard to imagine a more serious, more calculated plan of unethical conduct. There were over 100,000 instances of conduct contrary to counsel’s representations.”

Who do they think they are, mob lawyers?