‘Students of color’ at U. of Cal. disagree about who’s most oppressed


May the best man win — by proving he’s the worst treated. Not exactly positive thinking, but if it floats their boats . . .

Meanwhile, the relator has a question, and a darn good one at that:

Are there actually students at U of Calif, [where the gathering was held] who have no color at all?

Are they transparent?  . . .

Nobody ever calls me a “person of color” even though my skin has a distinct pinkish cast to it.

This inconvenient truth was taken to heart in the mid-’60s in Chicago, where West Side white activists smilingly referred to themselves as “pinkies.” Or so one of them told me.

The relator further observed about the conference:

There is  a basic principle at work here that is invisible only to leftists who deny the reality of human nature.  If oppression is the currency of social advantage, there will never be enough oppression to go around.

A shame.

Source: Blog: ‘Students of color’ conference at University of California reportedly dissolves into a fight over who is most oppressed

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