Iran May Be Experiencing A World-Changing, Legitimate Resistance Movement While American Media Yawns

Now that’s resistance:

Protests began to break out across Iran Thursday, beginning in small cities with a few hundred protestors and eventually ending up in the capital city of Tehran.

Not that you would know it by looking at American media outlets, who largely yawned and continued to cover fluffy, end-of-year feature stories even as it was reported that Iranian police had decided they could no longer arrest uncovered women, which some assumed was because too many had thrown off the hijab.

Do not blame our mainstreamers. They are so busy also with trumped-up Trump-Russia stories. They can’t do everything, you know.

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  • richardrozoff  On 01/01/2018 at 10:04 AM

    If Iranian events assume a “color revolution” character, which is not at all unlikely, the status of Christians in the country may be worse than it is now. More respect and consideration is accorded Christians in Islamic theocratic Iran than in my opinion exists in the U.S. Just look at Christmas greetings in Iranian media as opposed to the effective ban on such here.


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