The dictator pope . . .

. . . Francis  as manipulator, book about his papacy which has been largely ignored by journalists, maybe to protect their access.

Notable exceptions to this conspicuous silence include the stalwart Marco Tosatti — who has already begun unpacking the text at his website, Stilum Curae — and Professor Roberto de Mattei, who writes that the book confirms Cardinal Müller’s recent remarks that there is a “magic circle” around the pope which “prevents an open and balanced debate on the doctrinal problems raised” by objections like the dubia and Filial Correction, and that there is also “a climate of espionage and delusion” in Francis’ Vatican.

Lot to swallow there, to be sure. See Amazon for the book coming out in English on Monday 12/4.


Colonna [the pseudonymous author] writes, too, of the “buyer’s remorse” that some of the cardinals who elected Bergoglio are experiencing as his pontificate approaches its fifth anniversary: “Francis is showing,” writes Colonna, “that he is not the democratic, liberal ruler that the cardinals thought they were electing in 2013, but a papal tyrant the like of whom has not been seen for many centuries.”

via “The Dictator Pope”: Mysterious New Book Looks “Behind the Mask” of Francis – OnePeterFive

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  • Jennifer Bartoli Kalina  On 12/01/2017 at 6:13 PM

    “Thank you” is hardly the expression, but let me say, ” We do believe ‘in the consolation of the truth’ “, as heard on Sundays, at least.

    We remember.


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