Francis the rule-breaker

Robert Royal ends his review of “The Dictator Pope” with this pungent observation:

Despite a few lapses [by the pseudonymous author Marcantonio Colonna], the most disturbing element [of his treatment of Pope Francis] remains: the abundant evidence – confirmed by many particular instances now over years of this papacy – that the pope has little use for established procedures, precedents, even legal structures within the Church.

These are not mere trivial rules, Pharisaic legalism, resistance to the Holy Spirit, etc. They are the means by which the Church seeks to be clear, fair, and orderly – and to address unjust actions or abuses by those in power.

And finally:

When the head of the Church himself does not much feel bound by the tradition or impartial laws he has inherited, what then? That the question even has to be asked is disturbing. Any answer will have to reckon with the eye-opening material in this compelling book.


via “The Dictator Pope” – The Catholic Thing

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  • takingasecondlook  On 12/07/2017 at 4:30 PM

    ….but isn’t this the same anti-precedent habit of the man in the Oval Office…who you seem to support?


    • Jim Bowman  On 12/07/2017 at 9:31 PM

      Whom I seem to support? Please. Matter of fact, I blogged months ago about the resemblances of Francis and Donald T. Both are trail-blazers each in his way, even rule-breakers. But we expect politics in a president, not so much in a Pope, though I admit that popes have over the centuries been political animals. Anyhow, right now I’m too tired to slice and dice the differences. Later maybe. (P.S. See “Happy Family” on Netflix for a wonderful look at domesticity. Riveting, highly intelligent film.)

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